W.T. Rich Company is proud of the outstanding relationships we have developed with a wide base of contractors over our five decades of company history.  We understand that contractors value working on projects that are well-run and properly organized so that they can perform their work efficiently and effectively.  We hold our contractors as our construction partners that are critical to the success of our projects.  We treat them with fairness, integrity, and respect. 

Below are some resources for existing and new contractor partners.



Contractor Prequalification Process

Contractors interested in being added to our contractor bid list are invited to complete the attached prequalification form

Link to Prequalification Document 

Once the form is fully completed, please submit it to



Safety Prequalification Process with Highwire

In addition to the general contractor prequalification process above, W.T. Rich engages the services of Highwire to conduct a safety prequalification process in which a contractor’s safety program will be assessed.  Enrollment in Highwire is required for all contractors with contracts in excess of $100,000.

Link to Highwire Safety Prequalification Website



Procore Construction Project Management Software

Procore ™ is the project management platform that W.T. Rich utilizes for all major project management and administration functions.  If you already have a Procore account, use the link below to access W.T. Rich’s Procore website. 

If you do not have an account, contact the project manager for your project to be invited to join Procore.

Link to Procore


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