• "The new program was inserted into an existing, historically-landmarked masonry shell – requiring close coordination, careful planning, and productive dialogue amongst the team. As Construction Manager, W.T. Rich provided all of these and executed a beautiful project on a constrained site."

    Justin Crane, CambridgeSeven 
    The Foundry

  • "Thank you, W.T. Rich, for implementing the measures needed to have a successful quality control program and for providing the team that was essential in keeping the program and the project headed in the right direction!"

    David Shipulski, MBTA
    Iron Horse Park Operations Control Center

  • "W.T. Rich staff were team oriented, dedicated to the project, and very skilled at their roles. They worked with us to ensure we stayed under budget and on schedule. Working with W.T. Rich was a great experience and I would enjoy working with them again.” 

    Mike Burton, Dore + Whittier Management Partners
    Manchester Memorial Elementary School

  • "W.T. Rich Company has been a strong partner in our Smith Elementary School building project from the very start. They have been responsive, dedicated and detail-oriented through every stage of the process, from pre-construction design review to project completion. Through their collaborative team approach, we successfully built a state-of-the-art school on an accelerated timeline - all while working on a tight, occupied site - without students missing a single day of school."

    Keith Taverna, Danvers Public Schools
    Smith Elementary School

  • "Each member of W.T. Rich Company's project team is hardworking, talented and highly collaborative. All construction managers make bold claims about the services they offer and the value they bring to the table. W.T. Rich truly lived up to all such claims. The result has been a great success on a fast-track and challenging public safety project."

    Mark Lydon, CBRE | Heery
    Beverly Police Station

  • “The selection of W.T. Rich Company for this project has proven time and time again to be the right decision. Their extensive experience and knowledge in building charter schools in Boston was invaluable to the timely success and painless execution of this project despite a two-month COVID-19 shutdown.”

    Evan Warner, STV, Inc.
    Excel Academy Charter, Bremen Middle School

  • "W.T. Rich's level of professionalism, thoughtfulness and knowledge is bar none. W.T. Rich  included all stakeholders for input with the design team, owner and school department during each phase of the project. The result is a spectacular, LEED Platinum educational facility that is fossil fuel free and Net Zero energy."

    Carlos G. DeSousa, Garcia Galuska & DeSousa
    King Open School and Community Complex

  • “The team from W.T. Rich was amazing to work with. They kept our students and their safety paramount at all times. They ensured that the project was completed on time and on budget, and they delivered a truly beautiful final product that is an amazing home for our school. We are grateful!”   

    Shannah Varón, Executive Director
    Boston Collegiate Charter School

  • “The W.T. Rich team brought valuable insight, thoughtful engagement, effective communication and a culture of collaboration with the owner, architect and consulting team on these challenging renovations to four existing buildings. The project finished on time and on budget, and the workmanship was of high quality. The final product brought a new energy to the College. The W.T. Rich team was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.”  

    Debi McDonald, JCJ Architecture
    Roxbury Community College

  • “W.T. Rich’s commitment to addressing the interests of all public project stakeholders, including sensitive construction site neighbors, was outstanding. The consistently high level of professionalism that W.T. Rich exhibited on a daily basis supported a high level of trust and confidence within the owner group, design team and wider public constituencies that served the Zervas Elementary School project well."

    Jason Springer, Perkins Eastman
    Zervas Elementary School

  • "We appreciated W.T. Rich's quick response to any issues that we came across and the time they took to consistently keep us informed. We also appreciated their attention to the safety of the workers on the job site. The final product is a direct reflection of the time and care taken by W.T. Rich Company.”

    Lt. Peter Schaeublin, Salem Fire Department
    Salem Probate and Family Court

  • “W.T. Rich has produced an amazing facility. Their attention to detail and the response to any issues that arose was first class. I was always treated with the utmost respect, and my opinions as the end user were always heard and addressed.”

    Norman J. Eldredge, Salem Facilities Management & Capital Planning
    Salem Probate and Family Court

  • “The work performed by W.T. Rich Company as the Construction Manager deserves special recognition due to their 'can do' attitude, unflagging professionalism, and team mindset in their approach to construction. The efforts of the entire project team have made this project immeasurably better than most of the ones our agency executes in terms of design, quality and simplicity/smoothness of execution.”

    Jeffrey A. Novak, DCAMM
    Salem Probate and Family Court

  • "The contribution of the staff of W.T. Rich Company to this tremendous success cannot be overstated. The efforts and effectiveness of field staff, supervision and management were fundamental to the extraordinary results achieved by the entire project team. In my professional experience, I have rarely had the pleasure of working on a project with such strong players at every position."

    Louise Outler, Court Capital Projects, Office of Court Management
    Salem Probate and Family Court

  • “W.T. Rich brought their professionalism, enthusiasm and team-approach to the project from day one. It became apparent that this positive attitude is deeply embedded in W.T. Rich Company’s culture, from project management staff to field personnel. Throughout three years of construction, PDR experienced a genuine, respectful and very enjoyable working relationship with each member of WTR’s project team.”

    Tom McCarty and Anne Brockelman, Perry Dean Rogers Architects
    Salem Probate and Family Court

  • “Faced with an extremely tight site and challenging schedule, W.T. Rich worked with the design team to structure early release packages that allowed us to efficiently sequence the construction, avoiding months of winter conditions costs. W.T. Rich's attention to detail, along with their ability to effectively communicate and work through issues as they came up, were the reasons why this project was so successful.  I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to work with them.”

    Brad Dore, Dore + Whittier Architects
    West Parish Elementary School

  • “W.T. Rich provides excellent service and has demonstrated that their foremost interest is with their clients' wishes and needs. They are responsible and creative in their approach to problematic situations, and they are careful of budget considerations to ensure that the construction process progresses successfully.”  

    Kevin J. Buckley, KBA Architects
    West Parish Elementary School

  • “W.T. Rich exceeded all expectations. The partnership started on day one with the estimating, scheduling and buildability review. When I look at the overall picture, the words that come to mind are partnership, trust and commitment.”   

    Steve Michener, Studio G Architects
    EXCEL Academy Charter High School

  • “The MLK School project was a great success for the City and its residents. This great success would not have been possible without the collaboration and teamwork from W.T. Rich Company. Despite the numerous challenges that plagued a project of this magnitude, the entire team continually worked together, remained positive and produced an exceptional public facility.”

    Brendon Roy, City of Cambridge
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School

  • “This was a very challenging project in many respects. Throughout the project, the W.T. Rich team demonstrated the highest level of dedication, cooperation, competence and professionalism in conducting their work. The project was truly a collaborative effort, and it was a pleasure working with the W.T. Rich team in making it a great success.”

    Jonathan D. Buhl, Foley Buhl Roberts & Associates, Inc.
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School

  • “The entire W.T. Rich team was very collaborative and professional. What was most rewarding was their willingness to work with us and the City of Cambridge as teammates - never placing blame when problems arose, but instead working to find solutions together.”

    Jana Silsby, Perkins Eastman
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School

  • “I have now had the opportunity to complete two projects with the W.T. Rich team. Their response and effort to help the City of Cambridge open the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School project after a devastating roof fire took extraordinary effort and a full commitment of the firm’s management and site staff.”

    Michael Black, City of Cambridge
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School

  • “W.T. Rich Company delivered this state-of-the-art project on time and under budget. The Academy is very proud to have had this professional relationship with W.T. Rich Company, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with W.T. Rich in shaping the future of our campus.” 

    Francis X. McDonald, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
    Massachusetts Maritime Academy

  • “W.T. Rich provided outstanding leadership through a team-driven process that built understanding and trust. Their proactive, thoughtful and highly committed approach to project delivery has allowed us to achieve the goals of the project in an effective and efficient manner.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.”  

    Ryan Senkier, Perry Dean Rogers
    Massachusetts Maritime Academy

  • “W.T. Rich Company’s team provided invaluable assistance, leadership and expertise in attaining project goals with regard to quality, price and schedule.  I have been performing design, construction and management of Ch. 149/149A projects for over 30 years, and I have never had as positive an experience as that with W.T. Rich.”   

    Matthew Donnelly, Pinck & Co., Inc.
    Edward Brooke Charter School

  • “The W.T. Rich staff embraced and enhanced the project’s team atmosphere, resulting in smooth communication and an alignment of interests. Given the many operational strengths we experienced while working with the W.T. Rich team, we would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with them again on future projects.”

    Matthew Rice, Arrowstreet
    Edward Brooke Charter School

  • “This project faced many logistical and phasing challenges, and their commitment to the project was second to none. The team went above and beyond to keep the interests of the Owner and NECC at the forefront, and the result was an outstanding facility.”   

    Robert Gray, DCAMM
    NECC – Allied Health and Technology Building

  • “The fact that W.T. Rich could construct a new addition, completely renovate the existing school, and install new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems to a facility that was 100% occupied and without the students or the programs being interrupted by even one day was truly amazing. Their organized approach to planning, communication and safety, along with their ability to execute their plan flawlessly, made the process easy for all involved.”   

    Deborah Marai, Pinck & Co., Inc.
    Norton High School

  • “W.T. Rich was a proactive, collaborative and dependable member of the project team.  Excellent communicators, their correspondence and submittals were always clear and concise, which allowed for faster review and response. W.T. Rich planned and executed the work superbly.”   

    Jeffrey K. Elliott, JCJ Architecture
    Norton High School

  • “The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget due to W.T. Rich's efforts. The personnel from W.T. Rich have a straightforward, easy-to-work-with approach that garners trust from their subcontractors. Their commitment and attention to detail were exceptional. W.T. Rich has earned our highest recommendation, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”   

    Paul Kalous, Hill International
    Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School

  • “Our expectations were set very high, all of which W.T. Rich met and very often exceeded. Their field and office managers have been excellent communicators, and they offer a first-class staff that constructs a beautiful product. We would recommend W.T. Rich and their staff as conscientious, attentive and professional.”  

    Luis Lopes, Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School
    Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School

  • “I have experienced W.T. Rich's greatness, which is a combination of their experience, cooperation with the Owner, and their effective management of the project and subcontractors. I look forward to working on our next project together.”  

    Michael Black, City of Cambridge
    Revitalization of 5 Western Avenue

  • “It has been a great pleasure working with W.T. Rich Company. They have been a true partner throughout the design and construction process. Their staff at all levels exhibits a very high degree of professionalism. We would recommend them to anyone!”   

    Rebecca Berry, Finegold Alexander Architects
    Revitalization of 5 Western Avenue

  • “W.T. Rich provided excellent planning and construction services for a complex, phased renovation of Leominster High School. Their staff was highly qualified, and they had a strong emphasis on good communication with the Architect, OPM and Owner. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

    Richard Marks, Daedalus Projects, Inc.
    Leominster High School

  • "This was a complicated, multi-phased, fully occupied project. W.T. Rich orchestrated the work over 7 major phases in a fashion where every deadline was met for occupancy, and they worked harmoniously with the School, the City, and other team members.  We look forward to working with W.T. Rich on future projects.” 

    Rob Para, Jr., Lamoureux Pagano Associates
    Leominster High School

  • “This project was on an extremely tight schedule and faced an array of technical, logistical and existing condition challenges. W.T. Rich performed extremely well throughout the project, exceeding my highest expectations. W.T. Rich is a very professional group that puts their clients’ needs first.”  

    Paul Ford, DCAMM
    Mass State Laboratory 

  • "W.T. Rich and your staff are to be commended for your professionalism, your commitment to excellence, and ultimately for the quality of the end product you deliver. This project was well planned, on time, on budget, and of exceptional quality. W.T. Rich's work well exceeded the City's expectations."

    Allen Lieb, Allen Lieb Architects
    Engine #8 Fire Station

  • "This project required significant attention to detail and patience. Given the scale and difficulties when working within an existing building, an addition and adjacent new construction, W.T. Rich provided the necessary experience, foresight and care throughout the construction process."

    Nelson Liu, Schwartz/Silver Architects
    Jeremiah Burke High School

  • “Without W.T. Rich Company and their control of the project, we would not have made any of the critical date requirements for occupancy. Their working relationship was truly a partnership. They showed class and were very professional in their coordination with the owners, client, users and designers. W.T. Rich went over and above their contract requirements to ensure an expeditious completion of the project.”

    William Rafuse, DCAMM
    Suffolk County Courthouse

  • "The dedication and commitment W.T. Rich demonstrated to ensure the project schedule was met without sacrificing quality or workmanship did not go unnoticed. There is no question that W.T. Rich delivers high-value service and we were proud to have had this association.”

    Monica Burke, Boston Young Men's Christian Union
    Boston Young Men's Christion Union

  • "W.T. Rich’s attention to detail and suggestions were not only straightforward and honest, but in many instances led to a better product with less money spent. W.T. Rich has and continues to be a true leader in construction. For my associates and myself, we are pleased to give W.T. Rich our highest recommendation."

    Jorge Figueiredo, Mount Vernon Group Architects
    Elizabeth Pole Elementary School

  • “W.T. Rich Company once again demonstrated their excellence and commitment on this project. W.T. Rich is fair and reasonable; they help you get the mission accomplished, and they consistently demonstrate a team effort. Job after job, their performance and the project results are consistently the same – outstanding. As a result, once again, a W.T. Rich-managed project was a huge success.”

    Alan Burne, City of Cambridge
    Cambridge War Memorial Building

  • “W.T. Rich tackles each and every project with an incredible sense of passion, commitment, and teamwork. I have found them to be above reproach in their professionalism, workmanship, and the standards for which they set for themselves and their sub-trades. Not once have they fallen short of their commitment to total satisfaction.”

    Andy Hudak, City of Boston (Retired)
    Boston Public Library, McKim Building

  • “I have been the construction inspector for this department for almost 20 years, and I have not enjoyed myself in performing my duties more than during the construction of the new Public Safety Facility. Even with all of the different parties pulling W.T. Rich in every direction, WTR somehow managed to meet everyone’s needs and still finish the project ahead of schedule. Thank you for a job well done.” 

    Daniel Parsons, Hamilton Fire Department
    Hamilton Public Safety Complex

  • "This project was delivered ahead of schedule and within our budget parameters. Your work on this technically-challenging and complex renovation project was outstanding. After numerous experiences working with you, the City continues to be satisfied in every way with the work and services of your firm."

    David Billings, City of Boston
    Holland School

  • “The team from W.T. Rich was amazing to work with. They kept our students and their safety paramount at all times. They ensured that the project was completed on time and on budget, and they delivered a truly beautiful final product that is an amazing home for our school. We are grateful!”   

    Shannah Varón, Executive Director
    Boston Collegiate Charter School