Post Construction - BPO

We don’t take lightly the investments our clients are making in their new, renovated or restored buildings. They expect their buildings to perform at the highest levels as soon as they move in and for the decades that follow – and so do we. This fundamental truth is what inspired our development of Building Performance for Owners (BPO): an integrated program that ties together our service offerings with additional services and support. The program is comprised of three, complementary, interrelated service elements as described below:


BPO-Prepare begins immediately upon the start of preconstruction. This component has three main elements:



The BPO-Perform component includes many of the “traditional” elements of the building turnover process, but also includes several additional value-added services above and beyond standard industry practices:



The BPO-Maintain component is exactly what it sounds like – it is W.T. Rich’s commitment and support for ensuring that your building continues to perform as intended starting on the date of occupancy and for many more years thereafter. The BPO-Maintain program encompasses a three-year commitment from W.T. Rich Company.

Year 1: During the first year of BPO-Maintain, we provide more hands-on and intensive support to ensure proper building performance.

Years 2 and 3: We provide quarterly reviews of system checks and performance data, as well as annual manufacturer system testing and health checks.