W.T. Rich places our clients at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to understand their goals and priorities. We commit ourselves 100% to ensure clients are thrilled with project results - frequently dedicating whatever resources, time and energy are required to achieve that outcome. We hold our construction partners in the same regard, committing ourselves to their success and complete satisfaction.


Our commitment to safety excellence is deeply ingrained within our culture. We are uncompromising when it comes to the well-being, health and safety of our employees, construction workers, clients, partners and the communities in which we work. Safety underpins our decision making, planning and actions in every facet of our work.


Building meaningful and authentic relationships within our firm and with external stakeholders is fundamental to our success. Authentic teamwork, a supportive work environment, and a genuine spirit of collaboration and "family" are profound differentiators in the pursuit of our vision.


Our unwavering commitment to integrity guides us to uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical decision making in every endeavor, which fosters a culture of trust and accountability within our firm and with our construction partners.


W.T. Rich team members are passionate about construction. We love to build. We believe in the value of what our firm brings to our projects and to our clients. We bring positive energy and a proactive attitude to our work, inspiring and motivating those around us. We take responsibility for the quality of our work, always striving to deliver exceptional services. We are eager to learn and grow, creating an environment of continuous improvement. 


Our team members have the willingness and ability to take calculated risks, speak up on important issues, and confront challenges in order to serve the client and fulfill the company's vision. We strive to be bold, resilient, resourceful, humble, accountable and proactive in the face of adversity.