Quality Control

W.T. Rich has implemented an industry-leading quality control program that is designed to deliver the highest quality work possible; in terms of end-product performance, function, workmanship, and aesthetics that meet or exceed the requirements of the design and generally accepted standards of construction. The program consists of an array of planning, communication, inspections, tools, and procedures.  Our project-specific quality control plan defines the key elements of the program in detail so that there is a clear and shared understanding of the quality control process and responsibilities.

The quality control program is structured around the following key components:

Preconstruction Phase


Construction Phase


"W.T. Rich’s attention to detail and suggestions were not only straightforward and honest, but in many instances led to a better product with less money spent. W.T. Rich has and continues to be a true leader in construction. For my associates and myself, we are pleased to give W.T. Rich our highest recommendation."

Jorge Figueiredo, Mount Vernon Group Architects
Elizabeth Pole Elementary School