Suffolk County High Rise Courthouse


The Suffolk County High Rise Courthouse was built in the 1950’s.  W.T. Rich Company served as General Contractor for the extensive renovation work that included major upgrades and replacements of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; new security system; new fire protection system; new entrance way; new detention facilities; selective site work; window replacement; elevator upgrades; and, extensive general interior upgrades including courtroom renovations, new millwork, new office and space configurations, and new interior finishes.



Project Information

Location: Boston, MA

Completion: 2005

Contract Value: $24.9 million

Size: 200,000 SF

Type:  Renovation

Owner: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, Boston, MA

Designer: Drummey Rosane Anderson Inc., Newton, MA

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build (Chapter 149)





W.T. Rich Company completed the project ahead of schedule and exceeded the expectations of the owner, the designer and end user groups.  Each of these parties is available as an outstanding reference who can attest to the quality, integrity, and professionalism of our work on this project.

“Without W.T. Rich Company and their control of the project, we would not have made any of the critical date requirements for occupancy. Their working relationship was truly a partnership. They showed class and were very professional in their coordination with the owners, client, users, and designers.  W.T. Rich went over and above their contract requirements to ensure an expeditious completion of the project.”

William Rafuse, Project Manager
Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Suffolk County Courthouse Renovation