Salem Probate and Family Court


The Salem Probate and Family Court, a 3-story, 45,000 square foot structure built in 1909, required exterior restoration and interior renovations to meet current and future needs. There was also an existing 5-story addition that was built in 1979, which was fully demolished and replaced with a new 5-story addition

The existing 1909 courthouse was completely abated and gutted down to the core and shell with only select historic elements left in place. The exterior granite and brick façade underwent a full masonry restoration, and the interior was reprogrammed to increase functionality. Finish details included high-end millwork and marble finishes throughout, which blend with the preserved historic elements.

The new addition is a 30,000 square foot steel structure built on over 200 rammed aggregate piers. The interior shares the same high-end finishes as the restoration, and the exterior consists of an exotic granite and limestone façade.

Project Information

Location: Salem, MA

Completion: 2017

Contract Value: $41 million

Size: 75,000 SF

Type:  Historic Restoration / Addition

Owner: DCAMM

Designer: Perry Dean Rogers, Boston, MA

Delivery Method: CM-at-Risk (MGL Chapter 149A)

Awards and Honors:

- 2017 Preservation Award from the Salem Historical Society

- AGC Build New England 2017 Performance Award

“W.T. Rich has produced an amazing facility. Their attention to detail and the response to any issues that arose was first class. I was always treated with the utmost respect, and my opinions as the end user were always heard and addressed.”

Norman J. Eldredge, Salem Facilities Management & Capital Planning
Salem Probate and Family Court