Massachusetts Maritime Academy


The W.T. Rich team was awarded the construction of a new 43,000 square foot state-of-the-art library building utilizing the public CM-at-Risk process. The new library includes an academic resource center, a bridge simulator and “smart” classrooms. The completed building includes an array of unique architectural features including limestone veneer, glass flooring at stair landings, a rooftop skylight that runs the entire length of the building, a large rotunda encased in architectural woodwork and much more. 



  • The project included over 50 geothermal wells and a solar photovoltaic array; achieving LEED Platinum certification

  • The project made extensive use of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • The building design includes a very large number of acute and obtuse angles (i.e. very few 90-degree angles) in the overall building structure and footprint

  • A large number of sustainable design features were incorporated into the final design, including water conservation, light sensors, chilled beams, geothermal energy system, radiant floor heating, rapidly renewable materials, and materials with a high recycled content

Project Information

Location: Buzzards Bay, MA

Completion: August 2011

Contract Value: $17 million

Size: 43,000 SF

Type: New Construction

Owner: Division of Capital Asset Management

Designer: Perry Dean Rogers - Boston, MA

Delivery Method: CM-at-Risk (M.G.L. Chapter 149A)

Awards & Honors: 

- LEED Platinum Certified

- AGC Build New England, 2013 Performance Award

- Marble Institute of America (MIA), 2015 Commercial Exterior Award for Excellence





Intensive collaboration amongst W.T. Rich Company, DCAM, Mass Maritime Academy, Perry Dean Rogers and engineering sub-consultants throughout the preconstruction phase resulted in improved building design, constructability, and performance. The project was completed on budget and on time for the library’s grand opening at the start of the 2011 school year. 


“Throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of the CM at Risk process, W. T. Rich has provided outstanding leadership through a team-driven process that builds understanding and trust.  Their proactive, thoughtful and highly committed approach to project delivery has allowed us to achieve the goals of the project in an effective and efficient manner.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.”  

Ryan Senkier, Project Architect, AIA
Perry Dean Rogers
Mass Maritime Academy Library Modernization

  • “I had the opportunity to, once again, work with W.T. Rich Company – this time on the WSU Athletic Center project.  Throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of the CM at Risk process, their staff provided exceptional leadership through a team-driven process that builds understanding and trust.  They were professional, forward-thinking, knowledgeable and highly committed to the outcome of the project. When faced with challenges, they were able to respond and offer solutions quickly and effectively, which allowed the project to stay on track.  Undertaking a multi-phased construction project within a busy, fully occupied academic campus is challenging, but W.T. Rich planned and executed the work magnificently. It has been a pleasure working with them over the years and I look forward to our next project together.” 

    Robert Gray, Project Manager
    Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance
    Worcester State University Wellness Center Project