Edward W. Brooke Charter School


The project consisted of extensive interior and exterior renovation work and a new addition. A major scope aspect included the installation of new building systems: mechanical, electrical and plumbing and an updated security system and new life safety systems. A significant part of the renovation included numerous interior reconfigurations to maximize the usefulness of the space. New classrooms and offices were added along with improved layouts for the common areas, cafeteria, and library. The building received new entranceways, windows, an elevator, and new millwork. Site work and landscaping were also included in the improvements to the school.


Project Information

Location: Mattapan, MA
Completion: April 2013
Contract Value: $12 million
Size: 50,000 SF (Renovation) | 6,000 (New Addition)
Type: Historic Renovation - Sustainable
Owner: Edward W. Brooke Charter School
Designer: Arrowstreet - Somerville, MA
Delivery Method: CM-at-Risk (M.G.L. Chapter 149A)


W.T. Rich was responsible for all aspects of the construction process. This included the administrative and technical management of dozens of subcontractors, including filed sub-bid subcontractors. Additionally, this project was overseen by the BRJP (Boston Residents Jobs Program). W.T. Rich developed, advertised and maintained all the necessary logs in order to meet the goals set forth in the documents for M/WBE and Minority/Women/Resident Workforce participation. On-site “Open Houses” were held in order to have local business involvement. In addition, we were in direct communication with CAC (Citizens Advisory Committee), MMCA (Massachusetts Minority Contractors Association), local papers, and affiliates in order to properly advertise and attract local businesses and workforces.

W.T. Rich provided the oversight, direction, and management of all construction activities, developed and maintained the CPM scheduling, QA/QC, safety, and MEP coordination/commissioning. The project was stringently budgeted and scheduled from start to finish. 


W.T. Rich Company completed the project on schedule and exceeded the expectations of the owner, the designer and end user groups. The school was occupied by the summer, which allowed ample time for the faculty to move in and prior to the start of the fall school term. 

“W. T. Rich Company’s team provided invaluable assistance, leadership and expertise in attaining project goals with regard to quality, price, and schedule.  I have been performing design, construction, and management of Ch. 149/149A projects for over 30 years, and have never had as positive an experience as that with W. T. Rich.  The only reason I can think to not recommend them is that they may then be too busy with your project and I wouldn’t be able to get them on my project!”   

Matthew Donnelly, R.A., Project Manager
Pinck & Co.
Edward Brooke Charter School Project