Manchester Memorial Elementary School


The Manchester Memorial Elementary School (MMES) consisted of the phased demolition of the existing school followed by the phased construction of the new 77,000 square foot elementary school within extremely close proximity to occupied portions of the existing building. W.T. Rich was responsible for the development, coordination and execution of the occupied site coordination plans unique to each phase in order to ensure minimal impact to the school's daily operations.

Phase 1 - Demolition of a classroom wing of the school and construction of a new 40,000 square foot academic wing as close as 6' from the existing school, which was occupied and operational throughout the duration of the school year.

Phase 2 - After turnover of the new academic wing for use by the school, demolition of two major classroom wings of the existing school took place to build the remaining portions of the new building. New work took place near the existing school and immmediately abutting the newly constructed academic wing of the new school - both areas were occupied throughout.

Phase 3 - After occupancy of the remainder of the new school, demolition of the remainder of the existing building, and construction of the main plaza, parking area and final site finishes were completed.


Project Information

Location: Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 

Completion: November 2022

Contract Value: $42 million

Size: 75,000 SF

Type: Phased / Occupied, New Construction

Owner: Manchester Essex Regional School District

Designer: JCJ Architecture

Delivery Method: CM-at-Risk (M.G.L. Chapter 149A)

"This project was constructed on a tight site, within 6 feet of the existing and occupied school and had wetland setbacks on all sides. With no alternate space available, W.T. Rich developed an approach that allowed the new school to be constructed in a multi-phased manner. The phasing plan and construction schedule was well planned and implemented with no interruptions to normal school operations. W.T. Rich staff were team oriented, dedicated to the project and very skilled at their roles. They worked with us to ensure we stayed under budget and on schedule. Working with W.T. Rich was a great experience and I would enjoy working with them again.” 

Mike Burton, Partner
Dore + Whittier