MBTA Iron Horse Park


W.T. Rich was hired to manage the construction of a new two-story Iron Horse Park Operations Control Center that will include a full-story clerestory above the roof level and will be executed using a steel-framed braced structure. A two-way structural concrete slab will be implemented on the first floor, with concrete metal decking at the second floor. Metal roof decks will be constructed on the low and high roofs of the building. The building envelope will consist of weathering steel rainscreens, a modified bitumen roofing system as well as curtain wall glazing at the lobby and clerestory.

Exterior work will include the construction of new site grading, site walls and the paving and striping of a parking lot to be located in the front of the building. W.T. Rich will administer the installation of a new stormwater drainage line, drainage storage and treatment system as well as supporting site utilities. A new landscape and irrigation system will be enforced throughout the project.

Project Information

Location: Billerica, MA

Contract Value: $33 million

Size: 24,000 SF

Type: New Construction

Owner: Town of Billerica

Designer: Taylor & Burns Architects | Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. 

Delivery Method: MGL Chapter 149



"I'd like to thank W.T. Rich for implementing the measures needed to have a successful quality control program and for providing the team that is essential in keeping the program and the project headed in the right direction!"

David Shipulski
MBTA Resident Engineer