12/346/18 Pine Grove School

Pine Grove School renovation is on track for its projected August 2019 completion date. A big part of this project was an intense and very successful eight-week summer slammer renovating the entire “Administration Wing” before it opened its doors for students back in September. Managing crews in multiple shifts and adhering to a tight schedule allowed our project team to accomplish the following:

- A complete switchover from existing switchgear to new primary/secondary switchgear

- Re-roofed entire “Administration Wing”

- Reconfigured Parking/Student Drop Off Area

  • New drainage detention system, water main, and curbing
  • New parking, bus loop, student drop off and pick up loop

- Installed

  • New security system
  • New HVAC System including RTU’s, fans, radiant panels, and boilers
  • New fire alarm system
  • Finish architectural features such as store-fronts, complex millwork/casework as well as linear wood ceiling
  • Student bathrooms


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