09/16/17 Construction in Focus - Salem Probate and Family Court

The primary focus of the Salem project was to efficiently house the current and future needs of the probate court on Federal Street in downtown Salem, MA. The building is an essential part of the Federal Street historic district, and the goal was a historically sensitive renovation of the original 1909 building, as well as the construction of a ‘right sized’ addition, replacing the one built in 1979. There was a tremendous amount of cooperation between W.T. Rich, the design team and the owner throughout planning and construction.

The project team faced many unique and difficult challenges, and it worked together to identify and resolve the challenges in an efficient and cost-effective way. The process of dealing with so many obstacles made the final outcome even more spectacular. The team faced every struggle head on, maintaining a positive, proactive and resourceful approach to resolving issues. The company worked closely with key stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns about safety, security, site access, noise and construction impact. The project was completed on time and the client is absolutely thrilled with the result. It was recently awarded a 2017 Preservation Award from Historic Salem, one of America’s oldest civic historic preservation groups. The Salem project is an outstanding example of the results that are possible when committed and passionate team members collaborate to create a state-of-the-art facility.

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