01/11/19 Boston Collegiate Charter School

W.T. Rich is excited to announce that the doors opened for students to the new space at Boston Collegiate Charter School at the beginning of the new year.  Due to significant growth of their student population, there was a need for an expanded upper school campus including 13 new classrooms, breakout rooms, small offices, a college career counseling suite, and the school’s first multipurpose cafeteria/convening space.  W.T. Rich is proud to have been part of this project and the following statements from the students are a true reflection of the passion we put into each and every project. 

“This classroom makes me feel beautiful; you know when a room is so beautiful it just makes you feel beautiful.”

“Doesn’t it seem like we go to a private school now?; yeah, it really does!”

W.T. Rich hopes the students of Boston Collegiate Charter School enjoy their new space for years to come.


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