11/15/17 American School & University - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Scool is an innovative building designed to promote academic excellence while targeting net zero energy consumption. To reduce energy use, a holistic approach to encourage behavioral change was employed. The building massing was stepped down to match surrounding houses and avoid shows on neigboring properties. Further, the front courtyard creates a gathering space and provides distinct entrances for each school (preschool through middle school). Each school is organized into small learning neighborhoods connected to a shared campus commons that provides shared amenities and a safe environment that builds community. Each classroom is designed to receive ample daylight, avoid glare, and provide acoustics conducive to learning.

Overall, the school is aiming for LEED Platinum certification. It uses 60 percent less energy than typical education buildings in New England and generates about 45 percent of its energy through photovoltaics on the building.

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