Renovations and Additons

We specialize in major renovation projects that frequently involve phased construction, renovation within occupied facilities and/or campuses, structural and logistical challenges, or other circumstances that require expertise and experience to proactively mitigate risk and maximize results. Historically, more than half of our projects include major renovation scope of work. As a result, we have developed a unique skill set around dealing with the subtleties, challenges, and complexities often associated with large renovation projects. 

“W.T. Rich Company once again demonstrated their excellence and commitment on this project. W.T. Rich is fair and reasonable; they help you get the mission accomplished, and they consistently demonstrate a team effort. Job after job, their performance and the project results are consistently the same – outstanding. As a result, once again, a W.T. Rich-managed project was a huge success.”

Alan Burne, City of Cambridge
Cambridge War Memorial Building