New Construction

W.T. Rich has a demonstrated track-record for meeting or exceeding client expectations on new construction projects. We pride ourself on doing comprehensive existing conditions surveys and then developing the most effective and thorough construction and scheduling approach. This strategy combined with our commitment to collaboration with the Owner, OPM, design team and all project stakeholders is what has enabled W.T. Rich to gain a reputation as one of the most reliable construction managers in the Massachusetts construction market. 

“I have now had the opportunity to complete two projects with the W.T. Rich team. Their response and effort to help the City of Cambridge open the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. project after a devastating roof fire in May of 2015 took extraordinary effort and full commitment of the firm’s management and site staff to allow the City to fully occupy the building in December of 2015. The City of Cambridge looks forward to the completion of our third project together, the King Open / Cambridge Street Upper School and Community project in the summer of 2019.”

Michael Black, Program Manager
The City of Cambridge
Martin Luther King Jr. School - New Construction